Return To Work


Blazin’ Babes is pleased to announce our career development workshop series entitled, Return To Work.

Beginning this November 2016, Blazin’ Babes will offer a series of Career Development Workshops for the Return to Work Mom, Female Career Switcher or current Female Employee interested in identifying a new career focus, seeking to fill in resume gaps, looking to sharpen their interviewing skills, struggling with updating their Linked In profile or looking to land their perfect dream job.

This is the opportunity to gain insights from career experts who are top in their field and who can help you identify your career passions, strengthen your skillets and enable you to jump back into the workplace even stronger as if you had never left! This is the time to recognize and acknowledge those multi-tasking skills during those countless hours of volunteering, translate those skillets managing projects into strong words on your resume and impress the interviewer when you answer the question, “What have you been doing for the past 5, 10 years”?

Attend all 6 workshops or join us for those that interest you the most.  We are here to help and are excited to offer these amazing career development workshops on Return to Work.

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Stay tuned for workshop dates and times beginning this November 2016!! 

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