Random Acts of Flowers

A sweet aroma filled the air on Tuesday, May 24, 2016 as women of Blazin’ Babes gathered together at Random Acts of Flowers, a national non-profit that re-purposes 3-day-old flowers and donates beautifully crafted new floral arrangements prepared by volunteers to individuals living in healthcare facilities.

Over cool cocktails, Blazin’ Babes joined a team of local volunteers to learn the artful skill of designing floral arrangements with the assistance of Alison Schatz, a member of Blazin’ Babes and founder of Lotus & Lily, a high-end floral design company. Each guest donated a vase upon entry and as they immersed themselves into a zone of creativity, the networking among members came only naturally.

Joanie Bayhack, Executive Director of RAF introduced the organization and relayed the story of how Jay Larsen, the CEO of RAF initiated the idea of RAF during a hospital stay where he received an over abundance of flowers while his hospital roommate received nothing. Jay decided to spread the joy of flowers by removing all tags from his flowers and with the assistance of local hospital staff, gave all his flowers to the patients staying at the hospital at that time. Hence, how Random Acts of Flowers was founded.

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