If you, your company or your organization would like to invest in the success of women or are interested in getting the word out about your company or organization including marketing your business, seeking employees or volunteers for your company, contact us today. We would love to partner with you and help support you, your business and opportunities for women.

Partner With Us

Corporate Partners

Modern buildingsBlazin’ Babes is always looking for ways to help our network of women advance in their careers by providing networking resources, workshops and key alliances to help support the career development of women. We look to our corporate sponsors to help us pave the way. By partnering with Blazin’ Babes, you will:

  • Access a rich and diverse pool of well-educated women who are leaders in their respective fields
  • Leverage an “experienced and seasoned” untapped market ready to jump back in and outperform their “former” selves.
  • Grow talent and skills within your organization
  • Be recognized as a diversity leader
  • Help your women build their external network
  • Improve employee engagement

Our Corporate Partners

Small Business Partners

Portrait of an attractive barista at workBlazin’ Babes prides ourselves in supporting local, small businesses. Many of our members own small businesses and we too were once a small business, so we know the need for marketing, growth and getting the word out. Partner with us and we can help spread the word about your business and allow our members to get to know you and what your business or service offers.

  • Showcase your business or service via our online webinars called Buzz Sessions or by hosting an event.
  • Market your business or services to our network of women via our newsletter, The Blaze or on our Partnership Page.
  • Do you own a retail business (clothing, jewelry or other)? Feature one of your top selling items on our Shopping page, and we will include a link to your own website.
  • Join or launch a group within our online network to host or discuss relevant topics via forums specific to your industry and business. (i.e. real-estate session, money management, college admissions consulting).

Our Small Business Partners

Organizational Partners

Blazin’ Babes is proud to support organizations that support women, girls and others groups or causes in need of our help through philanthropic events, donations, activities and partnerships. We strongly believe in giving back to those in need. Take advantage of our network of women and the corporations and businesses that they work for by highlighting or advertising your organization, fundraising event or interest in seeking volunteers for your organization.

  • Communicate to our network of women about your non-profit via our online webinar called Buzz Sessions
  • Be part of our events where we give back to your non-profit either via in-kind donations or through a percent of proceeds at an event or on our shopping page
  • Market your non-profit to our network of women via our newsletter, The Blaze or by marketing your business on our Partnership Page.
  • Share your fundraising or special events with our members via our Partnership page and our newsletter, The Blaze.

Our Organizational Partners

Media Partners

Blazin’ Babes works with various local and national media partners to get the word out about who we are and how we can help women and their career. We also want to give our members the chance to shine and tell their story about their career path, their personal and professional challenges and successes as well as the opportunity to advertise and promote their businesses. Partner with us so we can spread the word about our network and help women succeed.

Our Media Partners



To learn more about our Partnership Program and how we can work together to provide more opportunities for women as well as help you with your business or organization, please contact us for more information.

Partner With Us