How Do We Manage It All?

On April 23, 2015, women of Blazin’ Babes gathered at The Takiff Center in Glencoe, IL to hear panel experts discuss the challenges women face regarding work/life balance. The topic of discussion focused on: How do we, as women, manage all the “roles” in our lives (Wife, Mother, Friend, Employee/Boss, Fitness Enthusiast)? How do we manage transitioning in and out of each role? What percent of time do we dedicate to each role during a specific stage in our lives? How do we prepare ourselves emotionally and physically for the immediate or gradual transitions that each stage of life brings?

Guests walked away with tips and strategies coupled with valuable resources from the panelists on re-entering the workplace, facing life transitions and leaving a secure corporate position to launch your own business. An empowering event by far!


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