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Career Relaunch: The How To Workshop

June 19, 2019 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm UTC-6


Career transitions can be tough.  There can be a lot at stake like financial security being a temporary question mark, an uptick in your stress level while figuring out your next move, or the fear of having to settle for less than you want because your stress is now the decision maker.

If you are experiencing any of these in your career transition, join us on Wednesday, June 19th when Paula Moscinski, Blazin’ Babes‘ member, career transition coach and workshop leader will lead us in a 2 hour workshop entitle, “Career Relaunch”.

Whether you’re just beginning your transition journey or in the thick of it, this workshop is guaranteed to reveal those thoughts, perspectives and possibilities that are available to you in shaping this transition to be a beautiful part of your life. Here’s an opportunity to learn how to:

  • Stay out of overwhelm

  • Turn around your thoughts that deflate you about being in your transition

  • Show up powerfully and intentionally as you navigate around the potholes and traverse the rich landscape of your career transition.

In this workshop, you will:

1) Mindshift – Identify the thoughts that obstruct you from seeing yourself as the leader of your career destiny and create thoughts that are more aligned with the truth of who you are;

2) Create your Career Vision – Create a vision for the kind of career transition you want to have as you explore your career possibilities;

3) Daily Practices – Walk away with an abundance of practices to feel whole and energized during your career transition; and

4) Future Career Features – Define and declare the desired features of your future career

“Career Relaunch” gives you all that you need to be intentional and make wise choices for how you want to show up and respond to every situation you encounter in your career transition journey.

For questions, contact Paula at 312-310-5002. Download her free Ebook, “The Space Between A & E: Exploring the Core of Your Work Transition” at www.innerconnectionsllc.com.


Here’s what past participants have said about Paula and her career transition work with women.

“I attended Paula’s  “Career Relaunch” workshop.  She helped me to uncover some deeply flawed beliefs about myself. We worked together to reframe my fear of being lost into excitement about exploring new opportunities. That was one of my biggest a-ha moments, and I couldn’t have done it without her.”

– M.O.

Paula’s career transitions workshops and program create a wonderful, safe space for self-exploration
and the creation of what your purpose is for the nextpart of your life. She is more than experienced as a coach. She has a deep respect for the women in her programs. Her listening, coaching, and validation ofyour process, as well as encouragement, is critical to your success.”   ~  Catherine G.


“I just knew I needed a change and I needed it now.  I was hoping to sort through what that change might look like. I hoped that Paula’s coaching and the support of the other women in her program might help me come to some realizations.  And did it ever!  I had a huge AHA! moment during one of the sessions that has changed the trajectory of not just my future, but my family’s as well. I had a major realization that I didn’t want to work FOR someone else anymore!  I didn’t want a “job.” Claiming this had me pursue an entirely new business venture that is taking off.  I plan to retire from my current job in two years if not earlier!”   ~ Julie F.


I’ve never taken a program like “Career Relaunch” before, but took a chance and it paid off. For the past 15 years I’ve had story for a book living inside me and through my discovery process, not only did I realize how important this book was to me, I also got clear on how much I wanted writing to be the centerpiece of my career. I’m now a regular contributor to a magazine and in the process of writing my book.”     ~ Leila S.


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Evanston, IL 60201 United States
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