Blazin’ Babes Raises The Bar on Health

“Up an inch and down an inch”, words that echoed in the minds and muscles of a community of women at The Bar Method in Highland Park, IL on Thursday, October 6, 2016 when they gathered together for the third Blazin’ Babes event on The Power of Health. “Partnering with Blazin’ Babes and Bright Pink at this event enabled us to be part of a group of organizations that seek to empower women to make health a priority.” – stated by Bar Method of Highland Park co-owner, Sara Gordon.

After an invigorating Bar Method class, members and friends of Blazin’ Babes heard from Ilana Sherman of Highland Park, a Blazin’ Babes’ member and active volunteer for Bright Pink on the facts about breast cancer and tips on early detection. “It was great to learn that if you text the words PINK to 59227, you will receive monthly text reminders to stay on top of early detection of breast cancer.” – words by Erin Nichols of Glencoe, IL. Guests also heard from Blazin’ Babes member, nutritionist and owner of Fit Girls Eat Burgers , Courtney Berlin who spoke about the importance of good nutrition and how making simple healthy changes to a meal can not only satisfy your appetite, but also add more robust nutrients to your diet.

The most important message that women embraced from this special evening of social “sweatworking” was to make health a priority. Whether it is fitting in a workout, scheduling yearly doctors’ appointments or focusing on nutritional health, making health a priority empowers women to achieve their dreams and aspirations, both personal and professional. Stay tuned for the last and final Blazin’ Babes event, “Ice, Ice, Baby” on The Power of Health focusing on rest, recovery & rejuvenation on Friday, October 4th at CryoPure Spa in Highland Park, IL. Click here for tickets!





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