KickStarting The Return To Work

Picture this. A mom. Stressed. Walking into a workout studio. Feeling lost. Frustrated. After taking a step out of the workplace for 10+ years to stay home to raise her family, she find herself with time on her hands and a yearning to reinvent herself as her kids are older, more self-sufficient and in school full time. She remembers back to a time where she was working, financially independent and utilizing the skillsets that she worked so hard to acquire. Fully grateful and appreciative of the years at home with her children, she wants back in. Back to the workplace, but not in the same field that she left 10+ years ago. She needs something different. Something inspirational. She has changed. The world has changed. She is not the same woman she was 10 years ago. Raising children, volunteering as PTO president, running for the school board, leading her daughters’ Girl Scout Troop, planning all family vacations, making school lunches, helping with homework, driving her 3 kids to their after school activities. Let’s face it. She was and still is the CEO of the household…..but at this point in her life, she is yearning for more.

After an hour of sweating and letting off some steam, the woman walks out of the workout studio feeling invigorated, energized, inspired and ready to take on the world. The instructors’ inspirational words resonated with her, “If you don’t challenge yourself, you can’t change yourself. You can do anything. Now is the time.”

These famous words are words that echo on a consistent basis inside the walls of Shred415, a high intensity interval training workout studio located in Northfield, IL and in various locations in Chicago, St. Louis and Indianapolis. Since Shred415 opened its doors in Northfield, IL 3 years ago, it has brought and fostered a sense of camaraderie and support to the community. “Shred415 provides an invigorating workout and so much more. It’s a place where women (and men) feel inspired, both physically and mentally. I love how the sense of community at Shred415 radiates from the owners, the instructors and the “shredders”. – Jennifer Wolf, Shred415 client, professional photographer of Jennifer and Stephanie Photography and Glenview resident.

It was inside the walls of this studio where women of Blazin’ Babes gathered on Sunday, November 13, 2016 to host their first Return To WorkTM career development workshop event developed specifically for women seeking to return to the workplace. In this workshop, women gathered to hear from Inga Kriltchev, Life Coach and owner of Stick To Your Goal on how to identify your dream job as well as gain insightful tips from Kay McBrearty, career coach and founder of Waterville Partners who spoke of the importance of knowing your Internal CompassTM, a model developed by Waterville Partners that discusses four elements that provide clarity for career direction and offers stepping stones for a successful job search.

Guests walked away with a Shred415 swag bag and Blazin’ Babes Return To WorkTM binder that contained resources, next steps in the job search process and information on the next Blazin’ Babes’ Return To WorkTM workshop entitled The Elevator Pitch. For further information on Blazin’ Babes’ membership, the Return To WorkTM series of workshops and to register, go to


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