How We Were Founded

After reading the book, The Stiletto Network by Pamela Ryckman, Renata Merino, a resident of Glencoe, IL and a long-time supporter of women’s networks, noticed that although there were stiletto networks forming throughout the United States (Babes in Boyland, Power Bitches, and S.L.U.T.S.- Successful Ladies Under Tremendous Stress), there was no true, formal women’s professional networking group in the Northshore of Chicago. Through brief encounters with women in her area, Renata recognized that there were women who were either working part-time, full-time, launching their own businesses, seeking to get back to the workplace or simply wanting to achieve a future dream or aspiration. What did all these women have in common? They were all smart, passionate women who were seeking a future goal however lacked a place, community or venue to partake in extended conversations and connections with other women. What better way to help support the women of the Northshore of Chicago but by forming a stiletto network, giving women a place to convene in a social setting to create positive, supportive conversations and connections regarding their professional dreams and aspirations. Hence, Blazin’ Babes was formed in the Fall of 2013.

Who We Are

Blazin' BabesBlazin’ Babes is a women’s professional networking where women come together in a social setting to network with one another to elicit business connections, opportunities for professional growth and offer guidance to other women in achieving their professional dreams and aspirations. We provide workshops, panel discussions, networking events and other programming based on a social platform which encourages women to explore career opportunities, have fun and network.

We were founded in Glencoe, IL and are based on the premise of the book, The Stiletto Network, by Pamela Ryckman.

What About Our Name?

The name Blazin’ Babes was discovered over cocktails late one night at Guildhall restaurant in Glencoe, IL. Four ladies met for drinks to talk about the idea of Blazin’ Babes and how a name can ignite a level of curiosity, capture attention as well as encourage women to connect, empower and inspire one another regardless of what stage they are in the lives.

Inspired from the book, The Stiletto Network by Pamela Ryckman, who mentions several U.S. women’s networking groups with catchy names such as Babes in Boyland, Power Bitches and S.L.U.T.S, Successful Ladies Under Tremendous Stress, we wanted our organization to have an edgy name in addition to having a “socially centric” focus. Leveraging a marketing tactic inspired by members of the Nike product team, our brainstorming session centered around using cocktail napkins and a pen from a waiter to brainstorm our name. Wanting a sexy, feminine edginess to our organization and we all felt that we (and all women) should embrace our femininity. However, the need to be professional and confident was also a key in deriving our name. We wanted to inspire women to hone their professional side, but also let them know that being fun, edgy and feminine was also just as important in a woman’s career and the embodiment of female empowerment. With cocktails in hand, laughs all around and some girlfriend bonding time, our name Blazin’ Babes was born.

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