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Renata Merino Bregstone, Founder & CEO, Blazin’ Babes

The mission of Blazin’ Babes is to promote and foster professional networking among women by establishing a community where women have the opportunity to convene in a social setting to network with one another to elicit business connections, opportunities for professional growth or encourage and help one another realize their professional aspirations.


Julie Smolyansky, CEO Lifeway Kefir

Our vision is that one day through the power of networking and community, women will constitute a higher presence in corporate board rooms, law, engineering, medical, political office and universities among other industries and that they will receive equal pay and not be considered a minority in the professional arena.

We strive for a world where all women are not faced with the choice between caregiver versus professional advancement and where prejudices of starting a family do not interfere with professional growth and development.

We aspire to a world where the need for women to sustain economic growth is unquestionable and that there are resources on a national level available to both women (and men) to address the needs of family care and career progression and sustainability.


Nicole and girl laughingThe purpose of Blazin’ Babes is to empower women to take charge of their professional development by offering a community, resources and programming where women have the opportunity to come together in a social environment to elicit business connections, opportunities for professional growth and provide support and encouragement to one another to pursue and achieve their respective professional dreams and aspirations.

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