Who are We?

Blazin’ Babes is a women's professional networking organization where women come together in a social setting to network with one another to elicit business connections, opportunities for professional growth and offer guidance to other women in achieving their professional dreams and aspirations.  We provide workshops, panel discussions, networking events and other programming based on a social platform that encourages women to explore career opportunities, have fun and network.

Our Goals

  • Provide an informal, yet established community for women to network with other women on a professional basis and within a social setting
  • Offer professional guidance, encouragement and strategies on how to achieve one’s professional goals or aspirations
  • Foster the sharing of ideas, business connections and areas of expertise between and among women in order to help drive each other toward their respective professional objectives
  • Act as a platform or launching pad for the establishment of smaller “specialized” groups under the Blazin’ Babes umbrella

How to Access Us?